Witch Hunter Costums

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Character Customization in PANZAR goes to a new level: soon the game will have themed gear. And today we are pleased to present to you the Elves as the "Witch Hunter" . These Hunters are a special subdivision of the Order of Paladins, created to fight the Shadows mushers and their followers. A few decades ago they were the terror of the inhabitants in the Three Kingdoms and the surrounding areas. Their guns do not spared either worshiped Chimera warlocks, nor do they spare harmless village quack. It was said, though they are adopting methods of their enemies and  turn themselves to Faceless Goddess. Anyway, after the defeat of the sect mushers, there was no need for Shadow Hunters and the organization was disbanded.

Wake Up Call for Leavers

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Well, it's time to talk about those who do not justify the high rank of " PANZAR warrior ". The unenlightened person leaving the game sessions, thereby summing teammates and breaking the course of the battle - that he was talking about. Of course, everyone can be in a situation where he would need to urgently get out of the game: the mere fact that "Lebanon" is not yet worthy of condemnation. But if you do it too often, clearly abusing the inconvenience and delivering a huge number of other players, you can earn a punishment.

Gold League Season III - Round 2 - 30th Aug

8/25/2015 4:00 AM
You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.
War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.

For lvl 30. Registrations in private for the Second Season

Silver League Season III - Round 2 - 30th Aug

8/25/2015 3:00 AM
Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That's the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead!

Silver league is combination of Silver and Bronze, open for everyone. To get points you team name needs to say the same during the full season. Season is 4 weeks.

For lvl 30. Registrations open Tuesday 25th Aug and close the day of tournament Night at 18.00 CET. The tournament starts at 19.00 CET on Sundays 30th Aug.

Devine Hard Rain Weekend - 21st to 23th Aug

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This weekend, from 21 to 23 August, Every player has to watch out, this weekend could result in bad headache but we will take the risk because the drop rate of Rune Shards increased 3 times, and with a premium, drop increased 6 times.

Have fun this weekend.

Small update - Great Joy

8/21/2015 4:00 AM 0/0
We have established a small but very pleasant hotfix - it is especially for lovers to do things with his hands: the chance of weapons, armor and big epic runes increased by 10%, and the chance to manufacture elixirs - as much as 100%. 

Remember annoying ads, which was shown to all the players at the end of each game? Frankly, we order it, too tired - and, to everyone's delight, it will be no more. 

In addition, from the game removed the possibility of buying the small rune armor and weapons of the first level (except for the epic helmet) for the crystals, etc. Work on the game is a lot like working on a sculpture - at least, cut off the excess should be no less ruthless. That's it. Play PANZAR!

Show Your Team Forum Contest

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Here we are a brand new contest called "Show Your Team". The essence of the competition is to create a team picture. This is a team and clan contest you will need 9 members of 1 Clan to make this possible. What is required I want a pic with 8 members of 1 team in the center of the screen on a map of your choice.

Mechanisms of the darkness

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"... And the third day we reported the news of the terrible dwarf who goes by the name Hroddi Stalevar. We received word that his body parts are replaced by metal manufactured parts. The hand amputated and instead there is a huge mechanical claw, right eye, battered the enemy's buckshot from orbit drew so dodgy optic unit set, left lung, in the battle fire burned three times, and four times with the sword pierced inquisitorial, deleted and placed to position by blacksmith bellows. They say he and other bodies themselves, so to speak, and Improved - because, they say, and He fled from the elf of all kinds like fire.

Great Race Tournament II - 27th Aug

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According to ancient Elven tradition, each newly-elected Mother-Prioress of every monastery must marry – and during each wedding, there is a contest opposing great mages and warriors. However, the many cataclysms of PANZAR had left the world destitute of worthy male Elves. That’s why the Two-Headed God created the Great Race Tournament.

For lvl 20 to 30. Registrations is private, selection round on 20th aug will give the 4 team that compete for the name of the great race. The tournament starts at 20.00 CET on Thursday 27th Aug.

You asked? We answer!

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Just the other day we told you about the costume and the history of "free mechanics". Now is the time to look at the costumes of people following through steel and steam, as well as to answer the most pressing questions regarding the new system of customization of your characters.
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