Anniversary Special ends on Monday

4/21/2017 11:57 AM 0/0
Like everything else, the Anniversary Special is not eternal - the discounts will last until Monday, April 24. Waste no time! We strongly recommend not to miss such a great opportunity to provide characters with everything necessary at an extremely pleasant price. Especially, considering that any other weekly discounts are not planned for the nearest future. However, the Anniversary Festival is not over yet - Panzar Studio has a great surprise waiting to be released pretty soon! Stay tuned, stay with us and fight for the victory in PANZAR!

For five years have the fires of war been burning

4/10/2017 1:00 PM 0/1
For five years have the fires of war been burning. For five years has the grinding hammer of the Iron Smith  been creating a world for the brave and audacious. For five years, since April 2012, when the Open Beta started, a game called PANZAR has been filling your evenings with epic action and exciting team adventures! We thank devote players that have been staying with us during all that time, and announce a special anniversary campaign: a 50% discount on everything! Do not waste your time: get dressed, arm yourself, level up, because all the fun in PANZAR just begins. There are a lot of battles ahead! Full throttle, brothers and sisters!

Update №43: Full Throttle

3/22/2017 10:11 AM 0/22
The silence was trampled by the noise of a battle: "Update No. 43: Full Throttle!" is finally installed and all the PANZAR servers once again are turned into the fields of the endless war. Yes, the world of the game will not be the same: amulets have disappeared, most of the skills have been redeveloped, new opportunities for character customization and many other pleasant things have arrived - a complete list of changes can be found on our official website. We hope you'll like them. But a real warrior needs to learn everything the hard way, right? So what are we waiting for? To battle, brave gladiators of PANZAR, full throttle, full speed ahead!


3/21/2017 2:27 PM 0/0
The hour has struck, the seas have boiled, the earth has opened - and the long-awaited "Update #43: Full Throttle" has risen from the depths! It also means that we need to install it, so tomorrow, March 22, starting from 06:00 CET, PANZAR servers will be unavailable for several hours. We hope for your understanding and apologize for any possible inconvenience. Stay tuned!

"Just Join" Tournament Series

3/21/2017 12:00 PM 0/0
Tournament season is open again. It's time to climb out of your dusty cellars and greet the godly dawn with some sticky bloodshed. Spring cleaning awaits you as swathes of opponents sharpen their blades in greeting. So get your team registered and ready for battle. 

We will have battles of 8 vs 8 in the Spirit of playing together we allow only 2 members of the same class in this tournament.

This year we will add ranking to the website so keep in mind that you can't delete your team if you want your battle to be counted correctly.

New Promo on Thematic Chest and Keys 50% Discount

3/20/2017 12:00 PM 0/2
Time for a change in PANZAR a new discounts! Big chests and thematic, as well as the keys to them, are available at half the previous value. Right now you can buy them at a discount of 50% for a long time to provide their characters unique outfit! Banners, emblems, decorations and costumes - everything you need to create an original and memorable image that strikes fear into the hearts of the enemies! Do not miss! 

Get your 50% Discount on Epic Armor and Epic Weapons

3/13/2017 12:00 PM 0/0
Extra Armored, Epic Weapons. Who gets it? Your character of course! You find it already in PANZAR launches a new campaign: with stronger armor and Epic Weapons available, this with a discount of 50% ! Ideal for adding the armor and weapons to the fighters battle equipment. Furious appearance and shiny new weapon will do the job - the enemies will remember you forever! Do not miss the opportunity buff up, and insert at half price!

The Power of Seven Tournament Series

3/6/2017 1:00 PM 0/0
Grandiose "Colosseum Gods" This brand new, non-standard series and unique tournament format that will allow all participants to demonstrate their personal skills. We will have battles of 7 vs 7 in the Spirit of playing together we allow only 2 members of the same class in this tournament.This year we will add ranking to the website so keep in mind that you can't delete your team if you want your battle to be counted correctly.Prize Pool is 10000 crystals
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