Last Community Stream of 2013

12/27/2013 3:08 PM 0/0
It's the Last Community Stream of 2013 with your favourite CM, the most awesome Queen Bee. Check it out at 16.00 CET on the link below. If you can't log on right now, don't worry, our office orcs are just fixing a few things smile-emoticon


12/24/2013 6:11 PM 0/0
Start forging your tickets, you will be playing for.

Tartarus Keyboard (x2)
Naga Mouse (x2)
Goliathus Mouse Mat (x6)

Presenting New Map "Elves Pier"

12/13/2013 3:09 PM 0/0
Men are sobbing, women are jumping and dancing frantically with teary eyes. Even the dwarven community have left their beer jugs and are crying chorally on top of the inn’s tables. Don't despair though! For these are terribly happy weeps, as we are going to introduce an entirely new map - the first elven location ever, which has no counterparts in the world of Panzar or outside of it. Oh! The tears are running down our faces and we just cannot continue this senseless introduction – go on, check out the brand new epic trailer and discuss it on the forum.

Winter Epic Armor

12/4/2013 11:12 PM 0/0
The news Winter epics, all in one!

Sister Of Fire gets The Burning Dragonfly Masque 

Ice Witch gets Evil Frost Gloves

Sapper gets Flying Stilts

Cannoneer gets Arquebus Gunner’s Cuffs.

Inquisitor gets The Dragon Belt

Paladin gets Commandant’s Belt 

Berserker gets Beserker Boar Belt

Tank gets Spikey Gloves!

Close Shave Contest Winners

11/25/2013 3:19 PM 0/0
Panzar ft Razer, a.k.a. the Close Shave Competition, has come to an end. Over the last three weeks, Panzarians forged a massive 17,000 tickets in their fight to claim one item of the great Razer gaming gear up for grabs, but there could only be seven winners.
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