Haloween Tournament - 31 oct

10/28/2013 4:17 PM 0/0
Halloween is coming and pumpkin bashing season is open.
In honour of the festivities, Zar has declared Chaos in the shape of a special Halloween Tournament. This week, teams will confront each other on our special spooky maps.

So forge your festive hats, prep your booby traps and register your teams for the tournament. It's happening at 20:00 CET on October 31st.
The prize fund is 15,000 crystals. 10000 crystals - for the First place, 5000 crystals - for the Second place.

Community Live Stream

10/23/2013 3:03 PM 0/0
Weekly Live Stream every Friday @ 17:00 CET. This Friday: patch 31, upcoming events, crystal give away and Caption Contest winners. As well as a hot new competition for Panzar experts

Maintanance Patch 31 - 23th Oct

10/18/2013 10:08 AM
IMPORTANT: Panzar Servers are going offline for maintenance starts at 07:00 C.E.T.


Community Manager Live Stream - 18th Oct

10/17/2013 9:37 AM 0/0
Panzar is getting a new Community Manager tomorrow and she'll be giving away 5,000 crystals to 3 lucky teams from the Championships. So don't miss our LIVE STREAM at 17.00 C.E.T. !

Panzar Championship 25.09.2013

9/23/2013 2:43 PM 0/0
Starting this Wednesday, there will be some changes in our tournament system. We are proud to introduce a new format of the tournaments - «Panzar Championship», that is open to the public.

The prize fund is 12,500 crystals: 5000 crystals - First place, 2500 crystals - Second place and 5000 crystals will go randomly to the the lucky team.
First tournament will be held this Wednesday, September 25, at 20:00 CET. Registration is already open!

Forum Caption Contest

8/26/2013 9:26 AM 0/0
Welcome to yet another chance to get your hands on these shiny little crystals everyone is looking for – our new Forum Caption Contest! Let’s get started with our very first round.

Our Forum Caption Contest will be held in every language section of the forums, so don’t worry about language barriers. As long as your catchy phrase is in English, French, German or Polish you have good chances to get yourself some Crystals!

Tour de Panzar Prizes!

8/6/2013 10:38 PM 0/0
Tour de Panzar is now finished, and over the two weeks we saw enthusiastic players swarm the matches unlike ever before in search of the bicycle parts! After over 7 000 tickets were created by over 3 000 characters, the race has now come to an end, and it's time to announce the lucky winners. 
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