Screenshot Competition: Heat of the Battle (7.-13.5)

5/13/2013 9:26 AM
Greetings Panzarites!

We're now few weeks into the game, and the battles are raging all around. To document some of this brutality, we need screenshots! We want to see the biggest, baddest and craziest screenshots taken in the Heat of the Battle. And to encourage participation, the best ones will of course be rewarded with those sweet and shiny crystals.

Here are the rules:
-Take the screenshot during any match in Panzar. Clan matches are allowed, but note that the picture needs to be from the European server, with an European client (EN/DE/FR.) The picture also needs to be taken during this week, no old pictures please.
-Just one entry per player. Make it count.
-Post the screenshot on this topic by 6am CET, Monday the 13th. This pretty much comes down to "post your pic Sunday evening the latest", no matter what your timezone is. Of course, no need to wait until then.
-Top pictures will be selected for the final round, where everyone gets to vote on the winner.
-Winner (and runners-up) will be showered with crystals, the main prize is 1000 crystals, delivered tax-free to your account! The runner-up will have to find use for 500 crystals, 3rd place is worth 300 crystals, and there may be something in it for the rest making the final round as well.

So, without further ado, let's get down to business! Pack your cameras and jump into the fray! Go with your group or clan, or go solo. In the end, the winner will likely have taken a shot of savage skirmishes, cunning ruses, or of gruesome displays of overwhelming power. Whatever your entry will be, make sure it radiatesthe Heat of the Battle!
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