Battle of the Thrones Spoiler.

12/8/2016 6:00 AM

As said Gror Krivoborodiy, The Empires of the Deep chief martial carpenters , sit - better than standing and it is difficult not to agree with him. However, any self-respecting warrior knows that the most important thing is to what exactly you sit. He sat down on a stump on the way to Grandma's or on a bench in the park, you are unlikely to provide the respect of others. Get down on the body of the defeated enemy in the middle of the field of battle - well, it might find some understanding among the Orcs, but the rest, probably not appreciate. And the pants got dirty. Portable camp chair is good for Napoleon, surveying the battle through a telescope, but it is not suitable for smelling blood, sweat and gunpowder gladiators Panzar, that forged his victory in the midst of battle.

That is why designers Panzar Studio and developed for you three unique throne. This magnificent, original buildings, each of which corresponds to one of the themed costume sets. Judges of the Supreme Throne is perfect for any witch hunters, filled with the power to issue new sentences, reminds his grim, spartan beauty that in the harsh and unforgiving world, there should be no witchcraft. Throne Late Captain instantly make fighter Salt Brotherhood recall the gloomy cabin, swaying deck underfoot, creaking Ventoux over his head and the moon gleams on the blades rebel command. Who knows, maybe under his padded hidden treasure map (actually, none)? Thone "Grand technocrat" - elegant and ornate must-have for each of the Free Mechanics. This is a great proof of the victory over the mind with mysticism, the triumph of technology over the primitive beliefs and incantations.

Thrones are ready and will appear in the game from day to day, will break on PANZAR server in the ranks of the long-awaited and large-scale "Updates №42". We hope they will become a welcome addition to the lineup themed outfits and accessories will bring variety to the gameplay. Stay tuned to look for the throne to their liking, obtain victory after victory and prepare for an even more unusual news - all the fun in PANZAR just begun!

P.S. There will be one throne, but we will tell about it separately.
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