Patch 44 : New Horizon

6/21/2017 9:00 AM

Upgrade №44 safely installed. All those who missed the previous brutal and horrible persons of their characters, rejoice! Faces, face and Hari returned to the original state and now they again can be frightening to young children hiccups and impressionable young men (which we strongly recommend you do not)! Of course, this does not concern persons beautiful elves, who chose to remain with the updated appearance. More information about these and other changes you can read in a special section on our website. Do not lose face, play PANZAR! 

Introduced a system of levels for a user account: with each new level increases the number of bonuses, including VIP-activated subscription. 
Account level depends on the amount purchased by the user crystals. 
Regular bonuses: 
• Additional experience accrued to all participants of the fight. The amount of experience depends on the level. 
• Discount when buying crystals. The size depends on the level. 
• Additional slots chests. The number of slots depends on the level. 
• Reset skills. 
• The ability to rename your character. 
• Gift for the character. 
• Gift for the account. 

Bonuses with active VIP-account: 
• Accelerated development of the character. It depends on the level. 
• Automatically improve things. 
• The chance to get a key from the large trunk. 
• Accelerated development of Weapons of Victory. It depends on the level. 
• The chance to get a key from Epic Chest. 
• Unlimited change of daily quests. 

Added special window VIP-level account that appears after clicking on the icon of the crystals. 
Purchase VIP-account can now be in the first section of the tab "Objects" in-game store. 
From the contents of a large trunk deleted object "Pearl Pendant". Now it is used as a unique gift for raising the level of your account. 
With an increase in the level of each account tied to it the character receives gifts. This also applies to newly created characters. 
At the character selection screen appears the "Gift characters", equipped with a special counter. When you click on the field, then the process of free creation of gift character level 30. Speed up the process you can use for maximizing account level. 
Icons indicating the account level are displayed in the following locations: 
• In standby table battle 
• The tab menu in action 
• In the frame profile 

Changed the mechanism of the VIP-akkaunta button in the main menu: 
• When you click on a player it moves to the store section "VIP-account" tab "Objects" 
• painted in orange, while not active with active VIP-account letters "VIP" - gray 
• Changed the icon VIP-account
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